Gothic tattoos

There are two kinds of Gothic tattoos. They are given below: 

Gothic tattoos in the style of fantasy:  the images of dragons, fairies, etc. are the body of fantasy style tattoos. They reflect  the views and faith of people of Dark Ages. The gothic pictures are usually of a mythological and imaginary nature. 

Mystic tattoos:  this kind of Gothic tattoos is connected with what we can call "mystic". They are associated with white witchcraft that is also famous as Wicca, Runes, Tarot and other sorcery.  Pictures like 'Pentacle' (which is the five-pointed star)  and the 'Athame' symbol (a double-edged blade which is used in white witchcraft) and pictures having the link with the four elements (earth, fire, water and air) are called the Wicca.  Many people think that these mystic Gothic tattoos are wicked, but this is a wrong concept. These pictures are not wicked and don't have anything in common with 'Satanism'. More likely, they originate from the prehistoric religions. 

Gothic tattoos are various and differ from the traditional tattoos , because they reflect various views and thinking of people who believe themselves to belong to the gothic culture, lifestyle. Different people view gothic tattoos in a different way. But anyway, these pictures help to show some pretty and intricate images and also pass messages concealed deep inside them.